Vantage Brackets

Versatrak is a decorative curtain rods with a track extruded through the entire length.  Versatrak combines aesthetics with practicality.  Versatrak’s design and flexibility makes it ideal for residential or commercial applications.  The look can range from traditional to contemporary by choosing finishes and finials accordingly.

There are many advantages of Versatrak:

  • Versatrak comes in 16mm and 25mm Diameters
  • The unique channel design allows the glides and / or rings to slide smoothly past the brackets
  • Various Face Fix Brackets
  • Top Fix Brackets
  • Double installation Brackets
  • Concealed Brackets
  • Rods can be Bent or Rolled / Curved
  • Various Colours & Hand painted finishes are available to match your decor
  • An extensive range of decorative finials from very simple to quite ornate

25mm Ring 100mm Eyelet

25mm Ring 100mm Eyelet Concealed