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Versatrak curtain rods hardware is exclusively imported and distributed throughout Queensland by Vanda QLD.

The exciting Vanda range is manufactured in New Zealand, and has been the undisputed market leader in decorative curtain hardware since the launch of Vanda Versatrak in 1998.

Since the introduction of Versatrak (16mm & 25mm rod) we have also added Vantage Rod (eyelet rod), Davani Cable System, 32mm Square, 35mm Vanda Rod and a fabulous array of accessories to suit any budget.

The Versatrak curtain rods hardware range include hooks, knobs, finials, brackets, cable systems, eyelets, all  imported and distributed by Vanda QLD.  Versatrak comes in 16mm and 25mm diameters, with a unique channel design allowing the glides and rings to slide smoothly past the brackets.  There are a variety of face fix brackets, top fix brackets, double installation brackets and concealed brackets.  Rods can be bent, rolled or curved.

Vanda QLD also offers a stunning range of custom hand painted finishes from Dulux powder coats, with hand brushed satin effects through to exciting one-off artistic designs to suit any decor.  Each order is customised in length, colour/finish, bracketing and finials, so each installation is exclusive – set your windows above the rest.

There is also an extensive range of decorative finials – from very simple to quite ornate.

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The question Vanda asks is…  “Why should curtains get all the attention?”

Versatrak Internal Jointer
Vanda Versatrak Curtain Rods